Blackbird, Yellow-Headed bird pictures

Blackbird, Yellow-Headed bird picturesYELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD
497. Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus. 10 inches

Male black, with head and breast bright yellow; female more brownish and with head paler and mixed with brown.

These handsome birds are common locally on the prairies, frequenting sloughs and extensive marshes and borders of lakes.

They are very sociable birds and breed in large colonies, sometimes composed of thousands of birds.

Notes. - A harsh "chack," and what is intended for a song, consisting of numerous, queer-sounding squeaks, they being produced during seemingly painful contortions of the singer.

Nest. - Of rushes woven around upright canes over water, in ponds and sloughs. The nest is placed at from four inches to two feet from the water and is quite deep inside. The four to six eggs are grayish, profusely specked with pale brown (1.00 x .70).

Range. - U.S., chiefly west of the Mississippi, north to British Columbia and Hudson Bay; winters on southwestern border of the U.S.