Bobolink bird pictures

Bobolink bird picturesBOBOLINK
494. Dolichonyx oryzivorus. 7.25 inches

Bobolinks are to be found in rich grass meadows, from whence their sweet, wild music is often borne to us by the breeze.
While his mate is feeding in the grass or attending to their domestic affairs, Mr. Bobolink is usually to be found perched on the tip of a tree, weed stalk, or even on a tall blade of grass, if no other spot of vantage is available, singing while he stands guard to see that no enemies approach.

He is a good watchman and it is a difficult matter to flush his mate from the nest, for she leaves at his first warning.

Song. - A wild, sweet, rippling repetition of his name with many additional trills and notes. Alarm note a harsh "chah" like that of the Blackbird.

Nest. - Of grasses in a hollow on the ground, in meadows. They lay four to six eggs with a white ground color, heavily spotted, clouded and blotched with brown (.85 x .62).

Range. - N.A. east of the Rockies, breeding from New Jersey and Kansas north to Manitoba and New Brunswick; winters in South America.