Bunting, Indigo bird pictures

Bunting, Indigo bird picturesINDIGO BUNTING
598. Passerina cyanea. 5 1/2 inches

Male, indigo blue; female, brownish but usually with a faint indication of blue on the wings or tail.

A jolly summer songster, dwelling with us from the latter part of May until September. You will meet with these Buntings along roadsides lined with scrubby trees or bushes, or in pastures or along the edges of swamps.

The male usually has some favorite perch upon which he spends a large portion of his time singing; it is nearly always the ton of a tall bush or tree.

Song. - A sprightly little warble with many canary-like notes. Call, a sharp chip.

Nest. - Of grasses at low elevations in shrubs or bushes; eggs four or five in number, very pale bluish white (.75 x .52).

Range. - U.S. east of the Rockies, and most abundant east of the Mississippi; breeds north to Manitoba and New Brunswick; winters in Central America.