Bunting, Lazuli bird pictures

Bunting, Lazuli bird picturesLAZULI BUNTING
599. Passerina amoena. 5 1/2 inches

This species replaces the preceding one west of the Plains.

While the plumage of the males is entirely distinctive, that of the females is often confusing. The present species has quite a conspicuous band of rusty buff across the breast and lacks any sign of stripes on the sides, such as show faintly on the last species.

Its habits are just like those of the Indigo and it frequents the same kind of territory.

Nest. - Built in a bush or on the lower branches of trees, only a few feet from the ground. The eggs are very pale bluish white (.75 x .58).

Range. - Western United States from the Great Plains to the Pacific coast; north along the coast to British Columbia; south in winter to Mexico.