Crossbill, White-winged bird pictures

Crossbill, White-winged bird picturesWHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL
522. Loxia leucoptera. 6 inches

Male, rosy; female, with yellowish.
This species seems to be of a more roving disposition, and even more eccentric than the last.

They are not nearly as common and are usually seen in smaller flocks; occasionally one or two individuals of this species will be found with a flock of the American Crossbills, but they usually keep by themselves.

While they may be seen in a certain locality one season, they may be absent for several seasons after, for some reason or other.

They feed upon the seeds of pine cones, prying the cones open with their peculiar bills.

Note. - Do not differ appreciably from the American Crossbill.

Nest. - The nesting habits of this species are like those of the last, but the eggs differ in being slightly larger and in having the markings of a more blotchy character (.80 x .55).

Range. - Breeds from the northern parts of the northern tier of states northward. Winters in the northern half of the U.S.