Dickissel bird pictures

Dickissel bird picturesDICKCISSEL
604. Spiza americana. 6 1/4 inches

Male beautifully blended with yellow, white, and gray, and with a black throat patch and brown shoulders; female duller.

In the middle portions of the U. S. these birds, or Black-throated Buntings, as they are commonly called, are very numerous, frequenting dry, bushy fields or prairies.

They are very persistent songsters, although their song is weak and has little melody. In July and August, when many birds are silent, they continue their plaintive chant even on the most sultry days.

Song. - A simple chanting "chip, chip, che-che-che."

Nest. - Either on the ground, in bushes or thistles, or in trees; of weeds, grasses, rootlets, corn husks, etc.; eggs four or five in number, plain bluish white and hardly distinguishable from those of the Bluebird; size .8O x .60.

Range. - N.A. east of the Rockies, breeding from the Gulf States north to northern U. S.; rare in the Atlantic States north to Connecticut.