Flicker bird pictures

Flicker bird picturesFLICKER
412. Colaptes auratus. 13 inches

Male with a black moustache mark; female without, although young females in the first plumage show some black.

These birds are very often known as "Golden-winged Wood­peckers ," "High-holes" and about a hundred other names in different localities.

Flickers are found commonly in woods, orchards, or trees by the roadside;on pleasant days their rapidly uttered, rolling whistle may be heard at all hours of the day.

Note. - A rapidly repeated whistle, "cuk," "cuk," "cuk" an emphatic "quit-u," "quit-u," and several others of a similar nature.

Nest. - A cavity in a tree, at any distance from the ground. The white eggs usually vary in number from five to ten, but they have been known to lay as many as seventy-one, where an egg was taken from the nest each day.

Range. - South Atlantic States. The Northern Flicker (luteus) is found in North America east of the Rocky Mountains.