Flicker, Red-Shafted bird pictures

Flicker, Red-Shafted bird picturesRED-SHAFTED FLICKER
413. Colaptes cafer collaris. 13 inches

Crown brown and throat gray, these colors being just reversed from those of the common Flicker.

The male is distinguished by a red moustache mark, which the female lacks. The typical male Red-shafted Flicker lacks the red crescent on the back of the head, but it is often present on individuals, as there are numerous hybrids between this species and the preceding.

Flickers are more terrestrial in their habits than are any other of the family; their food consists largely of ants which they get from the ground.

Note. - Same as those of the last; both species often utter a purring whistle when they are startled from the ground.

Nest. - The nesting habits are identical with those of the and the eggs cannot be distinguished.

Range. - From the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific.