Flycatcher, Crested bird pictures

Flycatcher, Crested bird picturesCRESTED FLYCATCHER
452. Myiarchus crinitus. 9 inches

These large Flycatchers are very noisy in the mating season, but their notes are rather more musical than those of the Kingbirds.

They appear to be of a quarrelsome disposition, for rarely will more than one pair be found in a single piece of woods.

They also frequently chase smaller birds, but never attack larger ones, as do the Kingbirds.

They have a queer habit of placing a piece of snakeskin in the hole in which their nest is located, for what purpose, unless to scare away intruders, is not known, but it seems to be a, universal practice.

Note. - A clear whistle, "wit-whit," "wit-whit," repeated several times. This is the most common call; they have many others less musical.

Nest. - Of straw, etc., in holes of dead limbs. Eggs four to six in number; buffy white, streaked and blotched with brown.

Range. - Eastern N. A. from the Plains to the Atlantic, breeding north to southern Canada.