Flycatcher, Derby bird pictures

Flycatcher, Derby bird picturesDERBY FLYCATCHER
449. Pitangus sulphuratus derbianus. 10.5 inches

This imposing Flycatcher is the largest of the family that is found in North America.

As usual with members of the family it is of a quarrelsome disposition, but hardly so much so as either the common or Arkansas Kingbirds.

Their large heavy bodies render them considerably less active than the smaller members of the family.

On account of the size of the head and bill, they are often known as Bull-headed Flycatchers.

Note. - Very varied, but similar in character to those of the eastern Kingbird.

Nest. - It is said to build its nest at low elevations in trees or in thorny bushes - a large structure of twigs and rubbish with an entrance on the side. The three to five eggs have a cream-colored ground and are prominently specked about the large end with brown (1.15 x .82).

Range. - A Mexican species that is fairly common in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.