Flycatcher, Scissor-Tailed bird pictures

Flycatcher, Scissor-Tailed bird picturesSCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER
443. Muscivora forficata. 14.5 inches

This pretty creature is the most graceful in appearance of the Flycatcher family if not of the whole order, of perching birds.

In the southwest it is frequently known as the "Texan Bird of Paradise."

Its habits are very much like those of the Kingbird; as it gracefully swings through the air in pursuit of insects, it frequently opens and shuts its scissor-like tail.

They are usually found in open country or on the borders of woodland.

They rarely alight on the ground, for their long tails make them walk very awkwardly, but when they are a-wing they are the embodiment of grace.

Note. - A shrill "tzip," "tzip," similar to notes of Kingbirds.

Nest. - Quite large; built of all kinds of trash, such as twigs, grasses, paper, rags, string, etc.; placed in any kind of a tree or bush and at any height. The four or five creamy white eggs are spotted with brown (.90 x .67).

Range. - Breeds from Texas north to Kansas; winters south of U.S.