Flycatcher, Vermilion bird pictures

Flycatcher, Vermilion bird picturesVERMILION FLYCATCHER
471. Pyrocephalus rubinus mexicanus. 6 inches

Female with only a slight tinge of pink, where the male is brilliant vermilion.

This is the most gorgeously plumed species of the American Flycatchers. It has all the active traits of the family and, to those who are only accustomed to the demure gray plumage of most eastern species, the first sight of this one as he dashes after an insect is a sight never to be forgotten.

Note. - During the mating season the male often gives a twittering song while poised in the air, accompanying it by loud snapping of the mandibles.

Nest. - Saddled on limbs of trees at low elevations from the ground; composed of small twigs and vegetable fibres closely felted together and often adorned on the outside with lichens similar to the nests of the Wood Pewee. The four eggs are of a creamy-buff color with bold spots of brown and lilac, in a wreath around the large end (.73 x .54).

Range. - Mexican border of the United States, from Texas to Arizona.