Frigate bird pictures

Frigate bird picturesFRIGATE BIRD
128. Fregata aquila. 40 inches.

In comparison with their weight, these birds have the largest expanse of wing of any known bird. Weighing only about four pounds they have an extent of from seven to eight feet.

The length of the bird is about 40 inches, of which the tail comprises about 18, more than half of this being forked.

They can walk only with difficulty and are very poor swimmers, owing to their small feet and long tail, but they are complete masters of the air and delight to soar at great heights.

Their food of small fish is secured by plunging, or preying upon other sea birds.

Nest. - A frail platform of sticks in the tops of bushes or low trees. A single white egg (2.80 x 1.90).