Jay, Blue bird pictures

Jay, Blue bird picturesBLUE JAY
477. Cyanocitta cristata. 11.5 inches

These are one of the best known and most beautiful birds that we have, but, unfortunately, they have a very bad reputation.
They often rob other birds of their eggs and young as well as food and nesting material.

They are very active birds and are always engaged in gathering food, usually acorns or other nuts, and hiding them away for future use.

Note. - A two-syllabled whistle or a harsh, discordant scream. Besides these two common notes they make an endless variety of sounds mimicking other birds.

Nest. - Of twigs and sticks in bushes or low trees, preferably young pines. The four eggs are pale greenish blue specked with brown (1.10 x .80).

Range. - N.A. east of the Rockies from the Gulf to Labrador, resident in the U.S. The Florida Blue Jay (florincola) is smaller and has less white on wings and tail.