Jay, Canada bird pictures

Jay, Canada bird picturesCANADA JAY
484. Perisoreus canadensis. 11.5 inches

These birds are well known to hunters, trappers, and campers in the northern woods.

They are great friends, especially of the lumbermen, as some of the pranks that they play serve to enliven an otherwise tedious day.

They seem to be devoid of fear and enter camp and carry off everything, edible or not, that they can get hold of.

They are called by guides and lumbermen by various names, such as Whiskey Jack, Moose Bird, etc.

Note. - A harsh "ca-ca-ca," and various other sounds.

Nest. - Usually in coniferous trees at low elevations; made of twigs, moss, and feathers. The three or four eggs are gray, specked and spotted with darker (1.15 x .80). They nest early, usually before the snow begins to leave the ground and often when the mercury is below zero.

Range. - Eastern North America from northern United States northward. 484c. Labrador Jay (nigricapillus), which is found in Labrador, has the black on the hind head deeper and extending forward around the eye.