Jay, Florida bird pictures

Jay, Florida bird picturesFLORIDA JAY
479. Aphelocoma cyanea. 11.5 inches

This Jay is locally distributed chiefly in the southern parts of Florida, being found principally in scrub oaks. Like the Blue Jay, their food consists of animal matter and some seeds, berries, and acorns.

Their habits are very similar to those of the northern bird and their calls resemble those of our bird,too. They are rather slow in flight and pass a great deal of their time upon the ground.

Note. - A "jay," "jay," similar to that of the Blue Jay, and a great variety of other calls.

Nest. - In the latter part of March and in April they build their flat nests of twigs, usually in bushes or scrub oaks, and lay three or four greenish-blue eggs, with brown spots, size 1.05 x .80.

Range. - Middle and southern portions of Florida chiefly along the coasts.