Jay, Green bird pictures

Jay, Green bird picturesGREEN JAY
483. Xanthoura luxuosa glaucescens. 12 inches

These Jays are very beautiful, and we are sorry to have to admit that, like all the other members of the family, they are merciless in their treatment of smaller birds. During the summer their diet consists of raw eggs with young birds "on the side," or vice versa; later they live upon nuts, berries, insects; in fact, anything that is edible.

Note. - Practically unlimited, being imitations of those of most of the birds in the vicinity.

Nest. - Not easily found, as it is usually concealed in dense thickets. The nests are like those of other Jays, loosely made of twigs and lined with black rootlets. The four eggs that are laid in May have a grayish ground color and are thickly spotted with several shades of brown and lilac. They measure 1.05 x .80.

Range. - Fairly common in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas.