Junco, Slate-colored bird pictures

Junco, Slate-colored bird picturesSLATE-COLORED JUNCO
567. Junco hyemalis. 6 1/4 inches

These are one of our most common winter birds, easily recognized, while perching or on the ground, by the white or pinkish bill, and when flying by the white outer tail feathers and the gray and white plumage.

They are very common about houses as well as on the edges of woods and in pine groves, being very tame and coming into the dooryard to feed upon crumbs or chaff which is often thrown out for them.

Song. - A sweet simple trill, which has a beautiful effect
when given by a whole flock in unison.

Nest. - Of grasses, on the ground, usually beside a stone, in a bunch of weeds or under a small shrub, where it is well concealed. The three or four eggs are whitish, sprinkled with reddish brown (.75 x .55).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding from the northern parts of the northern tier of states northward; winters south to the Gulf.

Sub-Species. - 567e. Carolina Junco (carolinensis), found in the Alleghanies from Virginia to Georgia; there are several races found west of the Rockies.