Martin, Purple bird pictures

Martin, Purple bird picturesPURPLE MARTIN
611. Progne subis. 7 3/4 inches

Male, blue black; female, dull black and grayish.

These large, jolly Swallows are commonly seen about cities and towns within their range. Originally they dwelt in hollow trees, and some do yet, but the majority have recognized the superiority of man's dwelling and now live in houses built especially for them or in cornices of houses or barns.

It is no uncommon sight to see a handsome gabled structure of many rooms, perched upon a twelve-foot pole, on the lawns of many wealthy residents; others less bountifully supplied with this world's goods use plain soap boxes for the same purpose, and the Martins seem to like the one as well as the other.

Song. - A strong, varied grating warble or twitter, more forcible than melodious.

Nest. - Of straw, paper, rags, etc., in bird houses, gables or hollow trees; eggs dull white (.98 x .72).

Range. - N.A., breeding from the Gulf to New Brunswick and Saskatchewan; winters in northern South America.

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