Nighthawk bird pictures

Nighthawk bird picturesNIGHTHAWK
420. Chordeiles virginianus. 10 inches

Male with white throat and white band across tail; female with rusty throat and no white on tail.

Notice that the Nighthawk has a forked tail and white band across the wings, thus being readily distinguished at a distance from the Whip-poor-will.

Note - A, loud nasal "peent."

Nest. - None, the two mottled gray and white eggs being laid on bare rocks in pastures on the ground or underbrush, or on gravel roofs in cities; size 1.20 x .85.

Range. - United States east of the Plains, breeding from Florida to Labrador; winters south of United States. Three sub-species occur:
420a. Western Nighthawk (henryi), west of the Plains;
420b. Florida Nighthawk (chapmani);
420c. Sennett Nighthawk (sennetti), a pale race found on the Plains north to Saskatchewan.