Oriole, Hooded bird pictures

Oriole, Hooded bird picturesHOODED ORIOLE
505. Icterus cucullatus sennetti. 8 inches

This very brilliantly plumaged Oriole is, perhaps, the most abundant of the family in southern Texas. It is not as shy a bird as the two preceding species and is more often found in the neighborhood of houses.

With the exception of a few kinds of fruits, their food con­sists almost entirely of insects; all the Orioles are regarded as among our most beneficial birds.

Note. - A harsher and more grating whistle than that of most of the Orioles.

Nest. - Usually in bunches of hanging moss, being made by hollowing out and matting the moss together and lining it with finer wiry moss. Others are placed in yucca trees, such nests being made of the fiber of the tree. Eggs dull white, scrawled about the large end with black and lavender (.85 x .60).

Range. - Found only in southern Texas. A sub-species (nelsoni) is found in New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California.