Oriole, Orchard bird pictures

Oriole, Orchard bird picturesORCHARD ORIOLE
506. Icterus spurius. 7.25 inches

Male chestnut and black; female dull yellowish and gray; young male, second year, like female, but with black face and throat.

These Orioles are usually found in open country and, as their name suggests, have a preference for orchards.

They are also found abundantly in shrubbery along streams and roadsides.

They feed chiefly upon worms, caterpillars, beetles, grasshoppers, etc., and are one of the most beneficial birds that we have.

Song. - A rich, loud, and rapid warble, cheery and pleasing but impossible to describe; a chattering note of alarm.

Nest. - A beautiful basket of grasses woven into a deeply cupped ball and situated in forks of trees or bushes; often they are made of green grasses. Four to six white eggs, specked, scrawled and spotted with black and brown (.80 x .55).

Range. - U.S. east of the Plains, breeding from the Gulf to Massachusetts and Michigan; winters in Central America.