Paroquet, Carolina bird pictures

Paroquet, Carolina bird picturesCAROLINA PAROQUET
382. Conuropsis carolinensis. 12.5 inches

Adults have the fore part of the head orange, while young birds have the head entirely green, with only a trifle orange on the forehead.

With the exception of the Thick-Billed Parrot, which is very rarely found in southern Arizona, these are the only members of the Parrot family in the United States. They were once abundant throughout the southern states, but are now nearly extinct. They are found in heavily timbered regions, usually along the banks of streams, where they feed upon seeds and berries.

Note. - A sharp, rolling "kr-r-r-r-r." (Chapman.)

Nest. - Supposed to be in hollow trees, where they lay from three to five white eggs (1.31 x. 1.06).

Range. - Formerly the southern states, but now confined to the interior of Florida, and, possibly, Indian Territory.