Pelican, White bird pictures

Pelican, White bird picturesWHITE PELICAN
125. Pelecanus erythrorhynchos. 60 inches.

Plumage mostly white, with black primaries; eyes white; bill and feet yellow, the former in the breeding season having a thin upright knob about midway on the top of the upper mandible.

They get their food by approaching a school of small fish and suddenly dipping their head beneath the surface, sometimes scooping a large number of fish at a time; they contract the pouch, allowing the water to run out of the sides of the mouth, and then swallow the fish.

Nest. - On the ground made of sticks and weeds, generally only a lining about the outer edge; the eggs being placed upon the ground.

Two or three eggs are laid, pure chalky white (3.45 x 2.30).