Rail, California Clapper bird pictures

Rail, California Clapper bird picturesCALIFORNIA CLAPPER RAIL
210. Rallus obsoletus. 15 inches.

Color above olive-grayish, with no strong black markings; cinnamon colored breast. It is an abundant species on nearly all of the marshes along the coast. They are excellent runners, and are very difficult to start from the marsh grass in which they are concealed.

Its nest is built on the ground on the higher parts of the marsh, where it is comparatively dry, building it of grass and strips of rushes.

Nest. - They lay from four to nine eggs of a light buff color, spotted and blotched with brown and lilac (1.75 x 1.25).

The young of this family are born covered with a shining black down, and remain in the nest but a few hours.