Rail, Virginia bird pictures

Rail, Virginia bird picturesVIRGINIA RAIL
212. Rallus varginianus. 10 inches.

Back handsomely patterned with black, olive-brown and gray; wing coverts grayish brown, neck and breast cinnamon brown, brightest on the breast.

Sides sharply barred with black and white; chin and line over the eye white, side of head slaty color. Like others of this species, it is found in either the fresh or salt marshes, but more abundant in the fresh.

Nest. - Of grasses on the ground or in tufts of rushes; eggs of a creamy white spotted and blotched with brown and lilac; six to ten are the number laid (1.25 x .90).

Range. - North America, breeding from British Columbia to southern California and the Gulf of Mexico.