Sparrow, English bird pictures

Sparrow, English bird picturesENGLISH SPARROW
*** Passer domesticus. 6.25 inches

These street urchins were introduced into our country from Furope about 1850, and have since multiplied and spread out so that they now are found in all parts of our land from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Heretofore they have confined themselves chiefly in the immediate vicinity of the larger cities and towns, but it is now noted with alarm that they are apparently spreading out into the surrounding country.

They are very hardy creatures, able to stand our most rigorous winters. They are fighters and bullies from the time they leave the egg, and few of our native birds will attempt to live in the neighborhood with them.

Notes. - A harsh, discordant sound, which they commence early in the morning and continue until night.

Nest. - Of straw and rubbish piled behind blinds, in the tops of electric lights or crevices of buildings, and sometimes large, unsightly heaps of straw in trees. They raise three or four broods a year and in all seasons; five to seven whitish eggs scratched with black.

Range. - Whole of U. S. and southern Canada.