Starling bird pictures

Starling bird picturesSTARLING
493. Sturnus vulgaris. 8.5 inches

Plumage metallic green and purple, heavily spotted above and below with buffy or white.

These European birds were introduced into New York a number of years ago, and are now common there and spreading to other localities in Connecticut and about New York City.

They live about the streets and in the parks, building their nests in crevices of buildings and especially in the framework of the elevated railroads of the city, and less often in trees.

They lay from four to six pale-blue, unspotted eggs (1.15 x .85).

How they will affect other bird life, in case they eventually become common throughout the country, is a matter of conjecture, but from what I have seen of them they are quarrelsome and are masters of the English Sparrow, and may continue their domineering tactics to the extent of driving more of our song birds from the cities.