Woodpecker, Hairy bird pictures

Woodpecker, Hairy bird picturesHAIRY WOODPECKER
393. Dryobates villosus. 9 inches

In summer these Woodpeckers are found in heavy woods, where they breed, but in Winter they are often seen on trees about houses, even in the larger cities, hunting in all the crevices of the bark in the hope of locating the larva of some insect.
They usually are more shy than the Downy, from which they can readily be distinguished by their much larger size.

Note. - A sharp whistled "peenk."

Nest. - In holes in trees in deep woods; three to six glossy White eggs (.59 x .70).

Range. - Eastern U. S. from Canada to North Carolina.

Sub-Species. - 393a. Northern Hairy Woodpecker (leucomelas), British America and Alaska; larger.

393b. Southern Hairy Woodpecker (audubonii), South Atlantic and Gulf States; smaller.

The difference between these birds is small and chiefly in size, although the southern bird often has fewer white marks on the wing coverts. Other sub-species are found west of the Rockies.