Woodpecker, Red-Headed bird pictures

Woodpecker, Red-Headed bird picturesRED-HEADED WOODPECKER
406. Melanerpes erytrocephalus. 9.75 inches

Adults with entire head and breast red; young with a gray head and back, streaked with darker.

This very handsome species is common and very well known in the Middle and Central States.

They are the ruffians of the family, very noisy and quarrelsome.

One of their worst traits is the devouring of the eggs and young of other birds. To partially offset this, they also eat insects and grubs and a great deal of fruit.

Note. - A loud, whining" charr," "charr," besides numerous other calls and imitations.

Nest. - Holes in trees in woods, orchards, or along roadsides and also in fence posts or telegraph poles. In May and June they lay four to six glossy white eggs (1.00 x .75).

Range. - United States east of the Rockies, breeding from the Gulf to New York and Minnesota. Winters in southern United States.