Wren, Bewick bird pictures

Wren, Bewick bird picturesBEWICK WREN

719. Thryomanes bewickii. 5 inches

Above dark brown; below and line over eye whitish; tail blackish with the outer feathers barred with white.

Like all the Wrens, these seem to be very restless and are continually creeping about in brush heaps or along stone walls, fences, or over fallen trees or stumps.

They are locally abundant in interior United States, in some sections entirely replacing the House Wren.

Song. - A sweet chant of liquid melodious notes.

Nest. - In any location that happens to take the bird's fancy, such as holes in trees, bird boxes, in barns, sheds, etc.; made of straw, grass, and trash; eggs white profusely specked with reddish brown.

Range. - Mississippi Valley and the Plains north to South Dakota; east to the Alleghanies and casually to the South Atlantic States. 719c. Texas Bewick ' Wren (crythus) is found from Texas north to Indian Territory.