Wren, Carolina bird pictures

Wren, Carolina bird picturesCAROLINA WREN

718. Thryothorus ludovicianus. 5.5 inches

Above rusty brown and below washed with the same, the throat and line over the eye being white.

Like all the Wrens, this one commonly sits or flits about in the brush, with the tail erect over the body; only when singing it is held downward.

Their flight is usually only for a short distance, accomplished by rapid wing beats and with a jerking motion of the tail.

Song. - Loud and tinkling, and utterly impossible to describe.

Nest. - In brush heaps, holes in trees, bird boxes or bushes; made of weeds, grass, and any trash that they may pick up; eggs, five to seven in number, white, specked with reddish brown (.74 x .60).

Range. - Eastern U. S., breeding from the Gulf north to Connecticut and Illinois; resident. 718a. Florida Wren (miamensis) is found in southern Florida. 718b. Lomita Wren (lomitensis), found in southern Texas.