Yellow-Throat, Maryland bird pictures

Yellow-Throat, Maryland bird picturesMARYLAND YELLOW-THROAT

681. Geothlypis trichas. 5.5 inches

One of our most common birds in swamps and also in shrubbery along roadsides or walls. They are very inquisitive, and their bright eyes will peek at you from behind some leaf or shrub as long as you are in sight.

Song. - A lively "wit chit y-witchity-witch"; call, a deep chip; also a rattling note of alarm.

Nest. - Of grapevine and grasses, located in clumps of weeds on or nearly touching the ground; eggs white with brown specks (.70 x .50).

Range. - Eastern N. A., breeding from the Gulf to New Jersey.

Sub-Species. - 681a. Western Yellow-throat (occidentalis), said to be brighter; found chiefly west of the Rockies, but east to the Plains. 681b. Florida Yellow-throat (ignota), South Atlantic and Gulf coasts. 681d. Northern Yellow­throat (brachidactyla), slightly larger and deeper colored; found in northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada, west to Dakota and south through the Mississippi Valley to the Gulf.